I’ve had an ongoing need to visit the surgery regularly for dressings, they’ve fitted me in at various times that are not normal patient times because I’m a regular and a 5 minute job I’m grateful but it means the waiting rooms are often empty when I’m there while the doctors are either on their rounds or making telephone calls to patients.

I heard that confidentiality was a good idea within the medical profession. Maybe it’s over-rated. Trouble is, it’s a small town. Not banjo, pig-squealing small, but there is still a chance you bump into at least 3 people you know while walking through the high street.

The doctors seem to have ignored the fact I’m sat in the waiting room and are making their various calls and having their various colleague discussions with me sitting there. I now know that Mrs B has a very bad case of thrush following the birth of her third child; Mr F’s piles would benefit from a salt water bath and Miss S should stop her antibiotics if they are interfering with her asthma medication.

OK, nothing I’d ring the News of the World about but I may know Mrs B, Mr F and Miss S. I just hope that Mr D gets the some help with his suppositories as the repeated walk through over the phone do not seem to have helped. “No, you need to remove the foil first Mr D. That’s why they are not working”.